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Principal Investigator



Darlene V. Howard, Ph.D.

Davis Family Distinguished Professor 
Department of Psychology

Current Ph.D. Student
Chelsea Stillman, Psychology

Chelsea is a fifth-year student in the Lifespan Cognitive
Neuroscience concentration in Psychology's Developmental Science program. She is interested in how individual differences in both environmental and endogenous factors relate to cognitive performance in old age and how interventional 
strategies can be used as tools to promote successful aging. She has two main research projects in the lab. One project is examining how intrinsic properties of the brain, such as the baseline or "resting" state communication between brain regions, can predict individual and age differences in subsequent learning. Another project is focusing on how specific traits/states, such as mindfulness, relate to individual differences in implicit and explicit cognitive functioning. 


Lab Manage
Eileen Rasmussen

Eileen graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2013 with a B.A. in Psychology. At UMB she worked as a research assistant in an applied neuropsychology lab investigating psychopathy and disadvantageous, risky decision making. She completed her own study entitled “Emotion and decision-making in a college student sample” for an honor’s thesis. She is interested in affective processing, emotion regulation, and aging. If you can't find something, she probably knows where it is. Eileen is applying to graduate programs for the fall of 2015. 

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants 
Erica Rabinovich 

Erica is a senior Neurobiology major. Her senior thesis will examine relationships between various individual differences and statistical learning across multiple domains, including perceptual and language learning.

RJ Marchese

RJ is in his senior year, a psychology major and a pre-med student. He is involved in all projects in the lab and will be attending Georgetown Medical School upon graduating.

Former Ph.D. Students 

Katherine Gamble, Psychology, Ph.D. '14
Jessica Simon, Psychology, Ph.D. '11 
Ilana Bennett, Psychology, Ph.D. '09 
Sunbin Sylvie Song, Neuroscience, Ph.D. '08 
Katherine Meeker, Neuroscience, M.A. '05 
Helen Yankovich, Neuroscience, Ph.D. '04 
Selam Negash, Neuroscience, Ph.D. '04 
Karin Japikse, Neuroscience, Ph.D. '02 
Kevin Weinfurt, Psychology, Ph.D. '97 
Margery Miller, Psychology, Ph.D. '91 
Cheri Wiggs, Psychology, Ph.D. '91 

Recent Undergraduate Assistants & Seniors 

Caroline Wambach, GU ’14 (Neurobiology thesis) 
Theses Alyssa Coffin, GU ’13 (Neurobiology thesis) 
Marcie King GU ’12 (Psychology honors thesis) 
Jessie Schwab GU ’12 (Psychology honors thesis) 
Catie Profaci, GU ‘11 (Psychology honors thesis) 
Joanna Lee, GU '10 (Psychology honors thesis) 
Maija Paegle, GU '10 
Kristin Thomas, GU '10 
Lauren Westbay, GU '10 (Neurobiology thesis) 
Alison Lenet, GU '08 (Psychology honors thesis) 
Brynn Marks, GU '07 
Evan Harrison, GU '07 
Natalie Ciomek, GU '07 (Biology thesis) 
Daryaneh Badaly, GU '06 (Psychology honors thesis) 
Mim Ari, GU '05 (Cognitive Science thesis) 
Katie Filak, GU '05 
Kate Ryan, GU '05 
Katherine Michener, GU '04 
Gabriella Rettally, GU '06 
Michelle Harris, GU '03 (Cognitive Science thesis) 
Laura Romain, GU '03 
Doug MacLeod, GU '03 
Kristin Valentino, GU '02 (Cognitive Science thesis) 
Cara diYanni, GU '01 
Rachel Somberg, GU '01 
Amanda Thompson, GU '01